HubSpot Developing a Sales Plan Exam Answers 2023 (Latest)

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HubSpot Developing a Sales Plan Certification Exam Answers 2023 - All Updated Answers

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Sample: HubSpot Developing a Sales Plan Certification Answers 2022

Fill in the blanks: A _______ is the individual that you want to sell to, the ________ describes the type of company that you want to sell to.

True or false? You have a draft of your buyer persona, but you haven’t completed all the primary research you need to make it more comprehensive. You can’t start setting up your sales plan until your persona is fully complete.

True or false? No matter the size of your agency, you shouldn’t have more than one person fit multiple sales roles.

Looking at the following agency priorities, what would you recommend to this agency to improve what they've already outlined?

True or false? The following agency's "Who We Sell To" section has sufficient information for them to move forward with the creation of their sales plan.

Yes or no? Your boss wants you to set up a sales plan and his overall goal is to grow the revenue of the agency by $60,000 quarterly. You set up the sales plan to bring in $20,000 per month. Does your sales plan align with the overarching business goal?

What steps should you follow to set your sales goals?

Fill in the blank: When setting your sales goals, it’s important to be as _______ as possible.

What is the purpose of the “Approach Box” in the Sales Plan Template?

Fill in the blank: When completing your sales plan, focus on setting ___________ goals to make your plan actionable.

Fill in the blank: To close one retainer a month, you should aim to generate __________ exploratory calls a week.

Your boss asks you to go through the steps for your activity metrics, what should you do first?

 You’re a newer, small agency and one of your colleague doesn’t see the point in breaking down your yearly goals into 30-90 day milestones. Do you agree with your colleague?

Fill in the blank: The number of ___________ is a good bottom of the funnel metric.

One of your agency’s overall priorities is to become known as a thought leader in the healthcare marketing industry. Which of the following activity metrics would be BEST aligned with this priority?

All of the following are steps to creating your action plan, EXCEPT:

True or false? Your action plan is an agile document that is constantly updated and reviewed.

How frequently should you hold a sales plan review meeting?

How can your HubSpot CAM (Channel Account Manager) help you with your sales plan?

If your co-worker came to you with the following Sales Action Plan, what would be your feedback?

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HubSpot Developing a Sales Plan Exam Answers 2023 (Latest)

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